May 18
Backyard cottage
Image by paintchipdiaries via Flickr

Hi all! Well you should now be deep into your creative designing of your Ec0-House – by next Tuesday when I will recheck and interview re your progress against your Gantt project management chart. Here is where I believe you should be:-

  • Initial Design Sheets finished – around 2 A3 sheets with sketch Isometrics, details, plan views and annotation showing creative ideas for your designs of your eco-house.
  • From these initial designs choose 3 or 4 to develop the design for…
  • For each of your developed designs draw an Isometric, a Plan to scale, have a Sketchup CAD model and views printed and make sure to add annotation about whether your designs fulfills the specification
  • You can start maybe also to do some modeling in card and paper to help you realise your design in 3D – also make sure that you are thinking about scale of your design by adding people to your drawings – see the Metric Handbook for ideas of how to show people easily.

I will be away on Wednesday so make sure to work hard and be ready for seeing me next week to discuss your design work…

Dr T

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