Jun 03
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Well that has come around very fast hasn’t it – the end of the wondrous eco-house project – although as you have all been using your project managementGantt chart maybe it is not so much of a surprise to you! Note you will have normal lessons next week during the exams so two more double lessons to complete the project – phewww!

Remember here are some of the final things you need to do: –

  1. Finish 3 developed designs – checking that that are fully analysed and annotated against specification
  2. Say why you have chosen final design
  3. Meet with client to discuss final design – show evidence of this with any changes needed
  4. Produce final design drawings – including Isometric, Plan (with scale), side views etc
  5. Produce final CAD Model – and views movie making sure to email me a copy as soon as you have finished
  6. Make sure final design is annotated with eco features and checks against specification
  7. Follow testing plan – showing evidence of tests
  8. Meet again with client for feedback on eco-house
  9. Produce evaluation – please look at guide for what you need to include
  10. Organise folder into correct sections making sure everything makes sense, is titled and analysed so that an external examiner could fully understand your thought processes
  11. FINALLY – bind your folder and hand in before 3:15 on Friday 11th June
  12. Any problems please email Dr Tech – and remember if you need to borrow any resources over the weekend please ask this Friday

Then “Its all over, and it is now” so you can go and enjoy watching the World Cup :)~

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