Design Tech Stuff

Mr Belcher’s Grade 10 stuff here :

radio coil calculator click here :professor_coyle

GRADE 10 catchupradio: if your unsure and haven’t done the investigation then click on the link.

You have to make sure that you have enough lessons until 11th June to complete the project.

You should be working on design ideas for this week. TIME IS RUNNING OUT.

Sports events in May/June, make sure that you catch up after school/ in your own time!

Mr Belcher’s   Grade 9 Eco project stuff :

Project guide for your use upload here:EcoDesignDesignNdTechnologyGr9Booklet

If  you are absent/stuck somewhere click on the abovelink. If  you cannot access this

Perhaps try some initial designs for you eco apartment.

Hopefully you have downloaded google sketchup!

start practicing using it , follows some simple tutorials, these can be found by going to

click on training/ tutorials.

Aidan Chopra has put together a massive series of YourTube Video Tutorials which are excellent and start from beginners and then get more and more difficult

Try some tutorials.

project guide for you to download if you have lost it! : EcoDesignDesignNdTechnologyGr9Booklet

neat TED video on natural thinking architecture, copy link and watch if you missed it in class.

previous videos: